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With full production capabilities for gears of most types, HZPT Bronze Worm Gear Wheels proudly offers worm and worm equipment sets manufactured to customers from all industries. Worm gears could be manufactured up to 120″ in diameter, with worms obtainable in diameters up to 10″. For the gear, we can produce the teeth and size ratios of up to 1.5 DP and 16 module. Featuring just-in-time production and scheduling capabilities, we can use our customer to determine the most effective and useful way to manufacture and deliver your worm gears and worm pieces.

Our materials selection includes brass, bronze, stainless, and gray cast iron, and our full production features include forging, die casting, centrifugal casting, and equipment and worm slicing through hobbing, broaching, milling, or cutting. We may also finish worm gears and worms through honing, lapping, shaving or grinding.

Our extensive range of Worms and Wheels can be found in both Metric and Imperial sizes offering many different ratios to fit your individual requirements. Worms are obtainable Pilot Bored from Share or Specifically Bored and Keyed to your requirements. Also Shaft Worms are regular catalogue items. Both varieties of worms are available in Steel (En202) in its original state or Hardened and Delrin as Standard. Wheels are available Basic Sided, Single and Double Bossed in Phosphor Bronze and Delrin as standard. They come with a Pilot Bore or on demand to your specific requirements.

Anti-backlash Worm Wheels are available in Metric and Imperial sizes for your precision applications. If the needs you have are completely nonstandard, just send your drawings or samples for a speedy quotation.

All standard parts are correct hand, remaining handed parts could be made to order.