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China fluid coupling
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The firm possesses load limiting variety of continuous filling fluid coupling,load restricting type drinking water medium hydraulic coupling,variable velocity fluid coupling,coupling,friction coupling collection of all productions.

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At current, we are specialized in creating limiting type of constant filling fluid coupling, variable velocity fluid coupling and various couplings collection. In addition, we can also make unique non-standardized goods demanded by clients.

fluid coupling

YOT Series Procedure Principle

The YOT sequence variable speed fluid couplings are working in the adhering to principle: the rotating component consist of two bladed wheels-a pump wheel and a turbe wheel, the room amongst them is partially stuffed with a working fluid. The pump wheel is pushed #imgurl[http://www.szp-group.com/Coupling/picture/fluid%20coupling2.jpg]#by motor, the rotating wheel delivers the fluid into rotation and as a result transform input mechanical energy into fluid power, back to mechanical energy.

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