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Like we said, we are professionals to find quality used engines. We’ve a huge selection of engine Driveline Motor suppliers inside our networks and we have an excellent program for quality control and accountability. In the time it takes a mechanic to contact several of his buddies, we can get you quotations on multiple engines from a large number of suppliers and manufacturers. Once we get you an excellent engine at a great price, we are able to ship it straight to your mechanic’s garage by freight. It’s a win-win situation-you obtain a better price on a better engine and the mechanic doesn’t need to waste his period playing mobile phone tag with junkyards. But of program, you can give us a call directly and save even more money.

Either way, you’re going to pay a huge sum on a whole new car or dispose of money on the markup on a used engine that originates from who knows where.

Alternately, your mechanic may offer to locate a used engine to put in your car. Again, you will see a large markup on the price tag on this part-and you might or might not have any say in where he gets the engine from and even less knowledge about the quality of the engine and the reputation of the car recycler or junkyard that sourced the engine. Many mechanics have got relationships with one or two car yards where they obtain parts and the perform little comparison shopping on your behalf, which can be understandable-they’d rather be in the garage than on the phone all day.

The next option that your mechanic might recommend is an in-house engine. If indeed they offer a good price and are a devoted engine shop, this might be a good choice. But in our experience, we’ve found that only a small number of shops that perform engines genuinely have what it takes to accomplish a quality job.
Generally, they’ll source it to another repair shop. So when that happens, you’ll be charged a significant markup, not to mention the hassle of having to go through two parties to get status updates and estimates on your repair.