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Engine Sprocket
We’ve several rear sprocket options available for our clients to “fine tune” their gas operated bicycle to attain their desired optimal rate/power gear ratio.
A note to remember: The larger the trunk sprocket, the slower the bike will proceed, but will have capacity to climb hills. Small the trunk sprocket, the faster the bike will proceed, but will climb hills less effectively. You are trading power for acceleration or vice versa.
You can expect sizes of 36 tooth, 44 tooth, 48 tooth, and 56 tooth sprockets in the Large 9-hole gear. The inner diameter is definitely 1.4″, hole spacing is certainly 1″. Discover table below for specifications. Commonly, the large 9-hole sprocket with 48 tooth configuration will come with the 4G T-Belt Drive 4-stroke engine kit.

Rear Sprocket (Large 9 Hole) Hole Spacing Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Best Speed Acceleration/Power Included With
36 Tooth 1″ 1 13/32″ 5 7/8″ Fast Low Sold Separately
44 Tooth 1″ 1 13/32″ 7″ Moderate+ Moderate- Sold Separately
48 Tooth 1″ 1 13/32″ 8 1/8″ Moderate- Moderate+ 4G T-Belt
56 Tooth 1″ 1 13/32″ 9″ Gradual High Sold Separately

The small 9-hole sprockets come in two sizes, 44 tooth and 50 tooth. The inner diameter is usually 1.39″ and hole spacing is 1″. See table below for specifications. The small 9-hole 44 tooth sprocket should come with the SkyHawk Angle Fire 2-stroke engine kit.

Rear Sprocket (Small 9 Hole) Hole Spacing Inner Diameter Outer Diameter Top Speed Acceleration/Power Included With
44 Tooth 1″ 1.39″ 7 1/8″ Moderate+ Moderate- SkyHawk Angle Fire
50 Tooth 1″ 1.39″ 8 1/8″ Gradual High Sold Separately