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The EP PolyGearbox (RPG) is a compact and lightweight reduction gearbox with a limit switch system that’s suitable for assembly of a locally available electric engine. The PolyGearbox is used in manually-controlled or Gear motors for Greenhouse climate-managed ventilation and display screen systems in poly greenhouses. The quick and easy-to-installEP PolyGearbox is usually rainproof and windproof. The PolyGearbox has a high protection course (IP65) and can be used in an ambient temperature of 0-60 °C.

The low-noise PolyGearbox includes a gearwheel transmission and a worm wheel transmission, which are integrated in an aluminium precision housing. The self-braking worm wheel transmission ensures that the drive shaft is usually locked when the reduction gearbox is not running. The completely sealed reduction gearbox comes with an growth chamber with a diaphragm to keep carefully the gear essential oil at a minimal pressure under all circumstances, even at high temperatures. Thanks to the use of an expansion chamber, the PolyGearbox could be installed in any placement. There are no limitations, because there is no need for a bleed plug. The sealed reduction gearbox keeps the gear oil of the PolyGearbox in ideal condition for its entire operating life time. The PolyGearbox is suitable for discontinuous use, working course s3-30%, with a maximum activation time of 25 minutes.

The PolyGearbox reduction gearbox has an FT85 electric motor assembly flange, on to which the right IEC standard motor can simply be installed (EN 50347).

The PolyGearbox has a rotating limit switch system with operating switches and circuit breakers (NC contacts) for turning off by the end positions. The limit switch system is installed in an integrated chamber and is definitely enclosed by an impact-resistant plastic cover. The limit change system is accessible and easy to adjust. The limit change system’s optimum switching range can be 40 or 64 revolutions of the drive shaft. The cabling is connected in spring-clip connections. The PolyGearbox has an IP68 M16 x 1.5 cable gland (5-9 mm cable) for the cable feed-through.