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Timing Gear – Timing gears, because the name implies, are utilized for various timing purposes. Also known as synchronous gears, they could be Ground Helical Gear Racks either spur or helical gears. They are often used in automotive applications to control valve timing in engines.
Worm Gear – A worm gear consists of a worm and a worm wheel working together. The worm resembles a screw and may also be called a worm screw, while the worm wheel looks similar to a spur gear or helical gear with hook helix angle. This set may also be also known as a worm drive. Worm gears will be the most compact type of gear and so are often found in applications where space is limited.

Spur Gear – Spur gears are the most common type of gear. They are used to transmit movement between two parallel shafts and so are known for being highly efficient and producing a lot of power. Spur gears are known by several other names including directly gears, straight-cut gears, spur wheels, and spur gearing. These all have the same simple definition and can be used interchangeably.

Pump Gear – A pump gear is the name for a gear used in equipment pumps. They consist of both a driver and driven gear and can end up being either spur or helical gears. Never to be confused, the term gear pump refers to the entire pump, while pump gears identifies the gears only. Gear pumps are positive displacement pumps, meaning they pump a continuous amount of liquid in each revolution. The volume of liquid in a revolution depends on the geometry of the pump gears (i.e. number of teeth, diametrical pitch, etc.).
Spline – Splines are the ridges or tooth (external spline) on a drive shaft that mesh with an equal amount of like ridges or the teeth (internal spline) in a mating piece with the purpose of transferring torque in one member to the various other. The most common splines are parallel essential splines, involute splines (closely linked to involute gears but with shorter teeth, root to tip), and serrations. Splines can be produced by shaping, hobbing or broaching.
Sprocket – Sprockets, or sprocket wheels, are toothed wheels whose tooth engage the links of chains or belts. Sprockets are distinguished from gears in that sprockets should never be meshed together directly. There are several various kinds of sprockets, which includes silent chain, roller, and ladder sprockets.

Pinion Gear – A pinion is the smaller of two meshed gears within an assembly. Pinions gears can be either spur or helical type gears, and become either the generating or driven gear, depending on the application. Pinion gears are found in many types of gearing systems such as for example band and pinion or rack and pinion systems.