To make a cycloidal gearbox, researchers at Radom University calculated the parameters and designed the device. The device was then assembled at the university and backlash was changed by changing two pairs of cycloidal discs. The first pair had an external profile at the middle of the tolerance, offset from the nominal value, while the second pair had the same external profile, but were tolerated for minus tolerance. Another modification was the diameter of the holes for the output pins.

ERH cycloidal gearbox

A cycloidal gearbox is a device that can be used to change the backlash of a machine. The ERH gearbox is a compact unit, which allows downsizing while maintaining good accuracy. Its energy saving properties make it an ideal choice for heavy-duty industrial applications. In addition, it is capable of providing a longer service life. Its compact design also makes it easier to mount a servo motor inside.

A cycloidal gearbox is a highly efficient mechanical device for high-speed applications. They have a low backlash, high efficiency, and large reduction ratios in one stage. These features make them increasingly popular in the world of robotics, where they are used in positioners, first joints, and multi-axis robots. However, the high input speeds of the cycloidal gearbox can lead to vibration problems. As a result, the literature on cycloidal gearbox vibrations is quite limited.

GPHQ X cycloidal reducer

The GPHQ X cycloidal reduces vibration by more than five times, resulting in higher torque and increased reduction ratio. The cycloidal design also features low friction, low mechanical service factor, and large output shaft bearing span. The reduction ratio can be adjusted to meet the desired ratio by changing the output pin hole diameter. This reducer also meets ISO 9409-1 requirements.

The GPHQ X cycloidal reduces vibrations by nearly ten times, which can significantly increase the frequency of sound. The GPHQ X cycloidal reducer is compatible with any cycloidal gearbox type, regardless of size, sprocket diameter, or input speed. The cycloidal reducer’s reduction ratio is derived by dividing the ring gear pins by the number of lobes.

ERH cycloidal reducer

This paper presents a numerical simulation of the ERH – a cycloidal reducer for cycloidally geared transmissions. The analysis includes two major aspects: the impact and the friction. The impact study involves the calculation of the backlash of the cycloidal reducer. During the simulation, each data point represents a 2o rotational increment in the input shaft. The mesh refinement of the contacting surfaces is an important factor in achieving a smoother impact curve.

The ERH cycloidal reducer features a compact, high-performance design that allows it to be easily integrated into industrial settings. Its compact form factor allows it to be installed in a small footprint, and its shock load capacity is superior. The cycloidal reducer housing has a rolling contact between the input shaft and the output shaft, which results in minimal friction and high efficiency. The output shaft bearing span is long enough to accommodate the load of an ERH cycloid gearbox.

Spinea cycloidal reducer

A Spinea cycloidal reducer is a type of ring and pinion gearbox assembly used to increase the ratio of an internal drive motor to an externally mounted shaft. The internal design of this gearbox assembly enables it to be smaller than other competitors’ products. The TS 50 represents the smallest of the series, but further smaller versions are planned. These smaller versions retain all the benefits of Spinea gears, including sealed design, grease filling and direct mounting of the load to the output flange or case. High precision reduction gears are manufactured in various modifications depending on the shaft and case used in the application.

The Spinea cycloidal reducer offers superior performance compared to conventional designs. Compared to conventional flex splines, the Spinea unit transmits up to two times the torque. It is also significantly more rigid, allowing for higher tilting moments. These advantages make it a superior choice for many applications. With its advanced technology and manufacturing processes, SPINEA offers a full range of gearhead solutions for virtually any situation.