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The conveyor consists of a sequence being drawn through a pipe. Units handling several tons per hour are often constructed using basic workshop facilities.

The operation was demonstrated with a typical mineral and typical grains, employing a chain with 25-mm links in pipes with diameters of 25, 38, or 50 mm. Angles ranged from horizontal to 60° and chain speeds from 0.2 to 4 m/s. Through-put varied linearly with chain speed from dragging chain supplier so that the device has potential also as a controlled solids feeder. The correlations presented to enable the essential design parameters of the conveyor to be estimated for materials resembling those tested.

The conveyor is meant for little through-puts over distances within 100 m, and when power consumption isn’t a clincher. The speed of wear and tear will depend upon the character of the feed. The suitability of the conveyor for any specific application has got to be determined experimentally.

Chain/Tow/Drag Line Conveyor

Dragging chain uses mechanical devices attached to moving members, usually chains or cables, to tug or to products. Drag conveyors are used for moving bulk materials in bins, flights, or other attachments and may have multiple discharge or loading points. Tubular drag conveyors use an enclosed system of chains to convey product in any direction. Chain conveyors use a sequence, or multiple chains to maneuver pallets or other hard-to-convey products. Tow conveyors use a towline like cables or chains, usually within the floor or simply above it, to tow product directly or to tow wheeled carts or dollies.

Drag chain conveyors are used for special transportation of smaller capacities. Drag chain conveyors work on the principle of a chain-and-flight combination pulling a volume of fabric along. The chain is provided with different flights/paddles and drags the fabric from various charging points to a variety of discharge points.

The enclosed conveying device is employed mainly for dusty, abrasive, or hot material and, as such, has only a really limited application in coal. However, the facility plant industry and other industry players invite specialized conveying systems, that the very flexible drag chain conveyor from dragging chain manufacturer could be an answer.

Horizontal, vertical, or inclined solutions, with a possible explosion-proof and dust-tight design, could be necessary for a few special applications within the industry.