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pto Gearbox For Generator

generator agricultural gearbox has the attributes of mild weight, small quantity, large transmission ratio, high effectiveness, sleek rotation, low sounds and good applicability.

one) Output velocity:.19~60r/min

2) Output torque: up to 260,000N.m

3) Motor power: .four~1293kW

4) Mounted type: foot-mounted ,flange-mounted

pto Gearbox For Generator

The agricultural division is divided into gearboxes (velocity change gears, parallel and proper angle shaft velocity increasers and reducers), driveshafts and basic safety products largely employed on agricultural equipments.

The agricultural division transmissions are very custom-made and offered in many innovative versions. Software engineering and high design and style capacity let to remedy any customer’s problems, granting steady enhancement, high quality and complete service.

pto Gearbox For Generator

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