• Почему важны муфты?
    When you have a motor or a gearbox, you will likely see a coupling in action. It connects the two shafts together, transmitting power and allowing slight misalignment between the driven shafts. While they’re typically easy to upgrade or replace, couplings aren’t just for motors and gearboxes. They serve many other purposes as well. Here are some examples of why couplings are important to your machine or gearbox. Fluid couplings – These fluid couplings operate on the Fottinger principle and transfer torque through transmission fluid. They consist of four basic parts: an impeller, turbine and stator. The turbine is connected… Читать далее: Why Are Couplings Important?
  • Распространенные ошибки при установке запорного узла
    Using the proper locking assembly for a screw or other shaft connection is essential to the performance of a machine. The design of a locking assembly makes it possible to perform frictional joining without backlash on smooth and ungrooved shafts. These assemblies are also referred to as intermediate locking systems. If you are unsure of which locking device to choose, read on to learn about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them. In addition to ensuring proper alignment, locking assemblies are also less likely to break or fail. A good locking assembly is easy to install and requires… Читать далее: Common Mistakes When Installing a Locking Assembly
  • Типы электродвигателей
    A motor can be described as a device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. The process of electricity conversion in a motor is also known as induction. The electric current induced in a motor’s rotor results in torque (power) produced. This torque is proportional to the speed of rotation of the rotor and the magnetic field within the stator. A NEMA design B motor’s differential speed is typically between 1% and 2% under full load. To choose the best type of motor for your application, make sure to consider its starting voltage. The voltage of the motor must be… Читать далее: Types of Electric Motors
  • На что обратить внимание при выборе сельскохозяйственной коробки передач
    The most important quality to look for in an agricultural gearbox is a lack of mechanical and casting defects. Specifically, the shaft surface finish should be 76. The ellipticity must be 0.015 or less, and the centerline irregularity should be 0.04mm or less. The shaft length and distance must be within tolerances and the bearing hole-to-shaft relationship must be at least 20 mm. The shaft must be free of excessively large radii or cracks. Durability is another important factor. The agricultural gearbox should be durable, as small amounts of downtime can affect production and costs. The lubrication and mechanism should… Читать далее: What to Look For in an Agricultural Gearbox
  • Преимущества и недостатки червячных редукторов
    A worm reducer has a single set of gears that rotates at an angle to the input worm shaft. The output shaft has a worm gear mounted on it. The output shaft can either be single or double extended. Hollow worm reducers are becoming more common in the United States and offer several advantages over solid worm reducers. They can also be mounted in multiple positions, which reduces maintenance. They also tend to produce less noise than solid-shaft worm reducers. Worm gear manufacturers provide approved lubricants. These lubricants are approved for use in their reducers. The reducer manufacturer knows from… Читать далее: Advantages and Disadvantages of Worm Gear Reducers
  • Серворедуктор и серворедуктор
    A servo gearbox is a highly versatile device that allows you to attach various sized servo motors. They are available in sizes from 40 to 230mm. Moreover, there are various configurations for different mounting positions, including flange output and shaft output. A manufacturer of these gearboxes caters to robotics, food processing, steel and mining industries. Some of its features include oil seals and couplings. It can be repaired or replaced by qualified mechanics. Servo gearboxes can be either planetary or spur gears. Both types can reduce load inertia and multiply torque. For servo applications, planetary gearboxes are the preferred option.… Читать далее: Servo Gearbox and Servo Gear Reducer
  • Типы винтовых домкратов
    If you need to lift moderate to heavy weights, then you will need a screw jack. It is most often used to raise airplane horizontal stabilizers, and is also used as an adjustable support for heavy loads. In this article, we will cover different uses for a screw jack. So, what are the different types of screw jacks? Read on to learn more! Listed below are the most common uses for screw jacks. These jacks can accommodate loads up to 300 tons and can reach positioning accuracy of 0.1 mm. They are also available with built-in safety features, including pressure… Читать далее: Types of Screw Jacks
  • Как избежать запутывания в карданном валу
    It is possible for people to get entangled in a PTO shaft when the operator is not careful. Unguarded shafts can easily snag clothing, cutting off blood supply. As a result, it is essential to wear safety gear when operating PTOs. The following are some ways to avoid getting entangled in a PTO shaft. Make sure to wear safety glasses and gloves while working near these machines. Choose a unit that is heavy-duty for the application you need it for. Most broadcasters and fertilizer spreaders do not need heavy-duty units. However, if you are broadcasting over uneven terrain, you may… Читать далее: How to Avoid Getting Entangled in a PTO Shaft
  • Что такое зубчатая рейка?
    A gear rack is an essential component of a vehicle’s powertrain. It allows you to adjust the ratio between the input and output gears. The rack also enables you to make modifications to the drivetrain as needed. Its basic geometry is also known as the gear rack family, and is an essential part of the manufacturing process. Basic rack geometry is a set of geometric properties that describes the tooth profile of an infinite-diameter gear. This information is also useful in defining the parameters of a gear generating tool. There are several types of gear rack available. Most manufacturers offer… Читать далее: What Is a Gear Rack?
  • Цилиндрические мотор-редукторы
    Helicoidal gears engage at a point and stagger as the contact point travels along the helical surface of each tooth. This increases the friction in the gearbox and heats the lubricating oil, reducing its efficiency. Some gearboxes need oil coolers to combat this problem. Helicoidal gears are quieter than conventional straight-cut gearsets, and as such are a good choice for passenger cars and home applications. The helical gearbox provides several advantages over spur gears, including interchangeability and component integrity. This arrangement of gears facilitates many different operations. Because it can accommodate multiple axes, the helical gearbox can be modified for… Читать далее: Helical Gear Motors
  • Как использовать коническую втулку в станках
    A taper bush is an attachment device for a shaft. The bush’s taper surfaces are driven together by high-tensile screws, allowing it to firmly contract onto the shaft. This strong clamping force allows high torques to be transmitted. Therefore, it is often used for the attachment of large machine elements to a shaft. Listed below are some examples of how a taper bush can be used in your machine tools. Taper bushes are a mechanical locking device. Typically used in power transmission drives, they are made of precision cast iron and are computer-etched to ensure a precise fit. High-tensile screws… Читать далее: How to Use a Taper Bush in Machine Tools
  • Цепи из нержавеющей стали и листовые цепи из нержавеющей стали
    A stainless steel chain is a type of industrial chain that consists of welded links connected together by rivets or pins. It is composed of the same metal alloy that makes stainless steel bars and wire. Stainless steel chain comes in several shapes, including hollow links. Hollow links have a solid welded octagon at each end, making them ideal for jewelry and medical applications. Stainless steel chains are also rust-resistant, making them a good choice for outdoor activities. Stainless steel chain is available in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. It is available in natural colors and features self-lubricating components,… Читать далее: Stainless Steel Chain and Stainless Steel Leaf Chains